Fitbit HR Charge

I recently decided to buy a Fitbit. I read several reviews online and many people said how good they are as an everyday fitness aid. It helps you get a better picture of your overall health. I now have a unique insight of my sleep patterns and how I burn calories than I did before.

I stopped to take a picture during my run. 

So here’s a list of things the Charge HR model does:

  • Tracks steps
  • Sleep tracker
  • Caller ID
  • Time
  • Vibrations for alarms
  • App
  • Monitors heart rate

The band itself is rather bulky, however it’s comfortable and suitable to wear around the clock. I didn’t take mine off for around a week (unless showering or charging). After a while you almost forget that you have it on. It’s not waterproof but it can take a rather sweaty workout and still be okay. It automatically picks up when you’re working out as well as knowing when you are going to sleep.

The app is helpful to ensure you stay on track, I found it was similar to MyFitnessPal. You log your water intake, food and weight throughout the week. It will set you a certain calorie intake based on your weight, height and age. It will encourage you to drink more water, as you are set a goal for each day.

You can also connect with friends, encouraging you to have challenges and earn badges for certain milestones in your Fitbit journey.

I would recommend the Charge HR for anyone that wants to be more aware of their health and take more of an interest. It’s certainly working well for me and I’ve had it a few weeks.

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