Sunday Summary #1

This is a new thing I wanted to start writing. Maybe not every Sunday but every now and then to reflect on the week and whats been going on. It’s got very cold since the clocks went back so I’ve been wrapping up warm and my feet permanently feel like ice.

I went home for reading week over this past week, as well as getting lots of studying done I’ve managed to do a lot of fun things too!

Halloween was good. Spent the evening watching Hotel Translyvania on Netflix and carving a pumpkin.

I did a significant amount of baking over the week. I’ve only recently started to bake properly but I really enjoy it. My boyfriend and I decided to try out a Great British Bake Off technical challenge. Jaffa cakes. They didn’t turn out too bad actually, they were gluten free and tasted great. I also made a birthday cake. It took a while but I was really pleased how it turned out in the end.

We went for a lovely meal with Elliot’s family for his birthday too. I went home and managed to see my family too. I got to visit my little cousin and my aunt as well as see my mum and brother. My cat wasn’t too happy to see me.

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 15.06.05.png

Fireworksssss! I love going to watch the fireworks, it’s one of my favourite things to do.

That’s the end of my week. Travelling back up to uni tomorrow, back to normal routine working and lectures!

Hope you enjoyed this sunday summary.

Jas x


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