Instagram is Ruining Confidence

Scrolling through Instagram is a vicious cycle. Not only is it time consuming, people display their picture perfect lives and unrealistic expectations of body image and appearance.

Thoughts such as ‘why don’t I look like that’ and ‘I wish I could be her.’ They aren’t healthy thoughts however they run through the minds of many of us.

It’s known as ‘Instagram envy’. I normally scroll in my PJs in my bed in the evening. It definitely sparks feelings of inadequacy, especially if you are looking at the prettiest girl seemingly with her life together, when you are left wondering if you have a frozen pizza in the oven.

I can’t be the only person that feels this, surely?

The morning is the worst. Theres always that one person that posts their 6:00am morning run, their green smoothies and their perfect bodies. (Green smoothies do not taste that nice, I’m sorry).

I’ve recently taken a different approach to Instagram, to try and filter out the toxicity and jealously that builds up in me.

I only follow people I like, or those who inspire me. Sorry fitness101, you are GONE. I do not need to see that sh*t on my timeline every day.

Limiting the time I spend on the app. I don’t need to check it nearly as much as I do.

It’s not all about likes. I only got 5 likes on my selfie? Yeaaaah thank you to the 5 friends I have making me feel fabulous.

Recognising the platform as a way to make memories. I love looking back on my own Instagram posts sometimes; it’s nice to see old memories.

What do you think of this issue? Please feel free to comment. I hope you enjoyed this post!


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2 thoughts on “Instagram is Ruining Confidence

  1. I definitely agree!! I think your attitude about choosing our social media content is a very healthy approach! Very admirable! Something which a lot of us would benefit from doing! In fact… I think a social media de-clutter is in order!

    Can’t wait to for more posts!

    Poppy love xxx

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