L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask Review

I’ve been looking for a detoxifying mask for quite a while now. Most face masks come in separate packets so it was different to see it packaged in the pot.

It claims to include 10 applications in total but a little goes a long way with this product.

I don’t apply to it to my entire face as I prefer putting it on my nose, on my cheeks and my chin.


It has three pure clays as well as charcoal, it’s designed to target specific problems we face when it comes to our skin: shine, congestion and dullness.

The three clays included are:

Kaolin: A effective natural clay which is known to absorb impurities.

Montmorillonite: A clay to help get rid of spots and imperfections.

And finally, Ghassoul: A clay highly concentrated in rich minerals which supposedly helps with complexion.

When applying the face mask it doesn’t feel like a high street product, it goes only really well and smooth.

It certainly brings out spots however as it is a detoxifying mask, a breakout is inevitable.

Overall, I really like this product. They have several other masks available which I’m curious to try.

Hope you enjoy this post,

Jas x

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