In Love with Vinyl

Record players and vinyl records themselves have become more and more popular in recent years. I have always admired them and I was finally lucky enough to get my very own Crosley Cruiser in black and red.


I’ve picked up a small range of vinyl records already such as the Artic Monkeys ‘Whatever People Say I am I’m not’ which is one of my favourite albums of all time.

The rest have been charity shop and Ebay finds, there are actually quite a lot of vinyls in charity shops so I’d recommend having a look.

I’ve picked up a Shirley Bassey vinyl, two classical music from the 1940’s and an original Great Gatsby soundtrack which is my latest find.


What I love is that you are able to listen to an album in a different way, in the way that the artist intended. You are more likely to skip songs digitally and with vinyl you can listen to the entire album continuously.

It’s a way to wind down. We live in a generation where everything is fast paced and busy. I feel like it takes me back in time and I love that the pre-owned vinyls were once loved and listen to by people in older generations and I certainly think it will be something I continue to adore in the future.

Hope you liked this post




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