Things That Make Me Happy

I’m feeling positive so today’s blog post is going to be about a few things that make me happy. Here are my top 15 things!


  1. Cats – For anyone who knows me well, a sight of a cat will always improve my mood.
  2. My friends & family – Sometimes just messaging them instantly brightens my day.
  3. Books – Reading always makes me happy.
  4. My boyfriend – Because I’m so lucky to have him.
  5. Music – Especially my new vinyls.
  6. Coffee shops – Caffeine please.
  7. Food – What can I say, I love eating?
  8. Walking – I love going walking on a nice day or evening.
  9. Discovering new places – I really want to see more of the world.
  10. Kisstory – Why would you listen to anything else?
  11. Winter – The best season IMO.
  12. Photography – Something I’ve recently got back into.
  13. Writing – I’ve started writing a novel *eeeeeeeek*
  14. Stationary – New stationary is the best feeling.
  15. Last but not least, blogging! 

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