A Different Kind of Sunday Summary #1

I’ve previously written a Sunday summary on my blog before, speaking about my week and what I’ve done. Instead, I wanted to give a different kind of summary each week of the issues and topics that have caught my eye.

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 16.04.13.png

I try to pay attention to politics and current affairs as much as possible. I wanted to write these posts to give my own personal view on the topic and if you disagree, please feel free to comment and tell me!

The first thing I wanted to speak about was Theresa May’s decision to listen to young people and change the conservative direction. Hearing that my tuition fee isn’t going to be raised any further and I will not have to start paying back my fees until I earn over £25,000 per year allowed me to breath a sigh of relief. Personally, I believe the fees are still too high however it’s a start to the conservatives listening and us millennials seriously. At the moment, my heart is still with Corbyn but I am hoping this is the beginning of a brighter future.

The government also made the decision to continue funding the search for Madeleine McCann. So far, 11 million has been spent on looking for her which I believe is an extreme amount of money. People on Twitter have shared their opinions with one person saying ‘You can’t put a price on life.’ Actually, you can. It’s devastating but people go missing all of the time and why should one person receive so much funding? Social care, services and the NHS are all suffering the cuts but the government have money for high profile cases.

Speaking of cuts to our services, that brings me to my final point of today’s post. If you haven’t watched the programme Ambulance which is being shown on BBC1, you should. It really highlights the pressure that our services are under across the country. There isn’t enough police officers, ambulances and services on the streets and why? There isn’t the funding for it.

In the most recent episode, a woman called Josephine made several calls to 999 each day. It was clear that she needed more intervention from social services however the lack of intervention from them put pressure onto the ambulance services.

These are things to think about. There is no quick fix but this is my Sunday Summary.


Hope you enjoyed this post.




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