My University Experience

I’ve officially finished my three years at university, which is incredibly scary looking back. My graduation is approaching and I’m both looking forward to it but also dreading it. I wanted to write a blog post, to sum up, my university journey and reflect on the ups and downs of this crazy experience.

The First Year of university is arguably one of the hardest years that I’ve ever had to face. I left home for the first time, I was forced into an environment where I had to make new friends, discover a new way of learning and settle into a brand new city, which I had only visited a total of twice before I moved here. Stupidly, I had only visited the campus, I hadn’t ventured out into the city on those open days I attended. My Dad and my step-mum Jo dropped me off at my new accommodation and I remember feeling so scared on the drive up, with the car packed full of stuff. I remember seeing plenty of other students, similarly with their cars full driving up the A1 to their university destinations.

The first year was certainly an experience, exploring Lincoln and often getting lost on my way to lectures, went on many nights out and met some incredible people and characters.

Flat 14 (minus Lauren)
My Journalism Gal
First Year Night Out
The lovely Emma & Michaela
Elliot on one of his many trips to Lincoln

The second year was overall better, I was more settled and familiar and I had moved into the second student accommodation, Brayford Quays. Which I’d highly recommend, the staff are lovely and my room looked out onto the water which I love. The university work in the second year peaked. It was more challenging and lectures became harder and you were no longer spoon-fed information like you were when you were a first year.

Friendships that I had built had certainly strengthened too which was lovely to build on after the first year. I did love my flat in second year, it was so much fun and we were always out doing something.

House Girls
Flat 14 (Minus Connor)
Liam and I at the Journalism School Ball

I have a lot of good memories from the second year. It was a good balance between doing university work, working part-time as well as having a good social life.

The final and third year was obviously, the most challenging. The work itself really stepped up and the idea of the future, getting a real-life job began to loom. I spent the majority of my time in the library, living off Boots meal deals and when I wasn’t in the library, I was at home, likely in bed. I also spent a significant amount of time in Waterstones cafe, writing my dissertation and meeting up with friends. Michaela, Emma, Claire and Hannah would often meet me and it was a space I felt really calm and relaxed in. Ryan, Nathan, Reece and Michaela would usually meet me in Waterstones too and inevitably get dragged to spoons for a drink.

I went through some tough times and I was lucky to have such understanding house girls as well as Lauren who would sit with me for hours in Angel cafe until I felt a little better.

House Girls
Pre-Night Out Photo
BBQ life

Overall, looking back I did enjoy my university experience. I wish I chose a better course and I wish university didn’t cost as much as it did but I’m glad I went and Lincoln will always have a place in my heart (cringe).

Thank you for reading this rather long post.

Jas x

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