#BoringSelfCare – a movement

If you type ‘self care ideas’ into Google, a wide variety of suggestions come up. For example taking a bath, face masks, buying some new pj’s or a cup of hot tea. All great ideas of course but that isn’t always possible for everyone.

When you have a pile of washing staring at you from your bedroom chair or you have plans with friends creeping up and you can’t quite bring yourself to get out of bed, then get in the shower, to get dressed and actually leave the house. Sometimes it’s just not possible and you need to strip back to basics. Let’s be honest, there is no face mask cure for someone who is struggling with the everyday tasks.

People may struggle with these seemingly ‘simple’ tasks for a wide variety of reasons, this may be physical disability or mental health related or you might feel run down and get yourself into a little bit of a rut where everything seems so much more difficult, everyone is different and has different experiences.


Hannah Daisy is an artist living and working in London. Her art is often based around mental health activism and she is well-known for creating the hashtag #boringselfcare which is a term she created to reclaim the real meaning of the term ‘self care’.

Hannah herself has experienced mental health problems, endometriosis and PCOS from which she draws direct inspiration for her art.

She is incredibly inspiring and her illustrations has created a movement and a community which many people that struggle with mental health problems, including myself have become a part of.

I reached out to some members of the #BoringSelfCare community Facebook group to ask what it means to them:

(The group is closed, however, I have linked it to this post for people that genuinely want to be a part of it)

“#boringselfcare is important to me because it is one of the most important things in maintaining my recovery. it is the angel standing on my left shoulder telling me to not listen to the devil on my right shoulder” –  Juliet Kim


“To me, self-care is nurturing my divinity. It’s being quiet with myself and getting to know myself. It’s not so much boring as it is essential. It’s the foundation on which I can build the rest of my life.” – Keely Shantz

“To me #boringselfcare is taking care of my mental hygiene just as much as I take care of my physical hygiene. It means listening to what my body needs and taking time out of my day to just listen to myself. It means practicing self love and being kind to myself because of all the years that I did not” – Mia Kald

Visit @makedaisychains on Instagram to see more of Hannah’s #BoringSelfCare creations.

What do you struggle with when it comes to boring self-care?

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Hope you enjoyed this post

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