“National Stress Awareness Day is a great opportunity to take a moment to think about our wellbeing and find advice or support on managing stress.” – Mind 

We live in a world where stress is considered normal, the majority of people experience some form of stress, whether it is in the workplace or at home. Stress has the ability to affect you physically as well as mentally and can give you symptoms such as fatigue, chest pains, restlessness, upset stomach, and social withdrawal. These are just some of the symptoms that people can experience, however, everyone is different.

I personally get stressed out very easily, I do not cope very well with it but I’ve learned some coping mechanisms that really helps me when it all gets too much so I thought I would share some of my tips to relieve stress and what I do to make me feel a little bit better.

Couple with book resting by fireplace during Xmas

Practicing Hygge (hoo-gah) 

Practicing Hygge is a great way to take some time to relax, below is the Hygge manifesto by Meik Wiking:

The Hygge Manifesto by Meik Wiking

  1. Set the mood: Turn down the lights.
  2. Be present: Be here now. Turn off the phones.
  3. Treat yourself: Chocolate, coffee, cookies, cakes, candy.
  4. ‘We’ over ‘me’: Share the tasks and the airtime.
  5. Be grateful: Take it in. This might be as good as it gets.
  6. Don’t brag: It’s not a competition. We already like you. There is no need to brag about your achievements.
  7. Get comfy: Take a break. It’s all about relaxation.
  8. Ditch drama: Make a truce. Let’s discuss politics another day.
  9. Togetherness: Build relationships and narratives. “Do you remember the time we…?”
  10. Create a safe space: This is your tribe. This is a place of peace and security.

Talk It Through

Talking is a great way to relieve stress, running through things with a friend or speaking to a professional can be really helpful to get your worries off your mind. Keeping things bottled up isn’t always the best thing for your mental health.

Clear Your Head

My method of choice is the ‘mind dump’ essentially, find a piece of paper and write down every thought in your head. This can be a mini to-do list, random thoughts, ideas and it can just be helpful to unload your brain.

Practice Self-Care

Taking care of yourself is really important which I highlight in my #BoringSelfCare blog post here. Whether it’s having a bath, facemask and nail painting sesh or just having a nap and a good meal. Taking time out to relax will really help your stress levels overall.

I hope you enjoyed this short post and you all have a stress-free week!

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