Skin Routine for Acne

As a teenager, I was lucky to have nice skin, it was clear when some of my friends were struggling with acne. I started university and it all changed, my skin seemed to erupt and it has never really gone back to how it was before.

People get acne for a variety of reasons, it can be from hormonal changes in the body, what you eat and the products you use. I’ve tried so many products to clear up my skin, including prescribed and I’ve not really found a solution until now.

This routine hasn’t completely cleared my skin but it’s certainly made a visible improvement.

Proactiv+ Skincare Products 

After mixed reviews, I decided to try the Proactiv+ 3 Step Basic Plan which comes with a cleanser, pore targeting treatment and a complexion perfection hydrator.

“Step 1 cleanses and exfoliates to help clear breakout-causing impurities 
Step 2 gets to work in the pore where blemishes start  
Step 3 provides hydration and helps reduce the appearance of redness and marks leaving your skin with a healthy glow”


After using these for around 4 weeks, I didn’t see much difference but I’ve been using it for over 8 weeks now and my skin has really cleared up. My spots are less visible, my skin has cleared up in general and it’s definitely made a change.



I use a micro-needling roller on my face once a week which is essentially a roller full of needles which admittedly sounds a little scary. You roll is horizontally on your face, to create little channels and so you can see where you have already been over and work from the center of the face outwards. It does sting a little at first and you may draw some blood, so it’s especially important to keep the roller clean with an alcohol-based cleaner and ensure that your face is clean from any makeup or products when you begin.

It’s helped a lot with the acne scarring I have on my chin and cheeks and I find that once a week is enough for me.


Jade Roller

Using a jade roller helps the “drainage” in your face and encourages the lymphatic system to naturally detox by massaging your face. It helps with blood flow and circulation which in turn gives a visible glow.

I use the roller around three times per week and will massage in the second step of the Proactiv+ skincare range, the pore targeting treatment. I do this so it really works the product into the skin and it’s important to clean the jade roller afterward so it doesn’t get damaged in any way from the residue of product.

Have you tried any of these products or techniques? Tweet me @jasminzenobia or comment below!

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