Alpaca Walk | Ling’s Meadow

I had been wanting to walk and visit alpacas for the longest time. There are a few places across the country that offer alpaca walking and after some research, I came across Ling’s Meadow, they offer alpaca feeding as well as walking.

I’ve received quite a few messages asking about the walk and where I visited for it so I thought I would write a brief post about the experience.

The farm itself is lovely, they also offer camping in the warmer months. They have eleven male alpacas on the farm all with different personalities and hierarchy in the herd.


You start the walk with an introduction to the alpacas, an opportunity to feed them and Neel & Katherine answered any questions that we had. They all seemed very excited and curious about new people.

Dumbledore and Gemini 

The walk was around a mile long but most of the alpacas wanted to graze and relax. There was no rush and they were happily walking along with the group, Haize the alpaca I walked was quite happy for me to pet him and enjoyed finding dandelions on his route to eat.

Trying to get Haize to pose for a picture
Half-Mast having a rest

I really enjoyed the walk and we received some alpaca fiber after the walk which I am planning to needle felt with (hopefully).

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you visit any alpacas!

The details for the walk are below:

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