Kitten Tips

There has been a recent addition to our household… Luna! I’ve been wanting a kitten for a very long time and I finally am able to say that I am a cat Mum (again). Luna is the second kitten that I’ve raised, my first cat, Tinkerbell I got when I was 17 and she’s currently living happily with my Mum.

There’s limited information out there when it comes to looking after a kitten, I found this when I was looking for tips and information about taking care of a kitten so I thought I’d share with you my experience so far and what I have learned.

Luna in her carrier on the way home for the first time

Before bringing home your little one: 

  • Ensure that you have the essentials such as litter tray, the right food for kittens, treats, toys, and a suitable bed.

I found that there’s limited kitten food out there, you have to be really careful about what food and treats you buy, in the small print a lot of brands say that their foods aren’t suitable for kittens. Cat milk is a great treat for small kittens also, both Luna and Tinkerbell love it!

  • Buy a toy, pillow or blanket which you can give to them when they are just coming home so they have something to attach to. If you can leave it with them and their litter this is even better as it will have the scent of their mother cat.


  • Keep everything in one room to start off with and leave the cat carrier in the room so they have the option to go in and hide!

I didn’t really have an issue with Luna and hiding away, she is naturally a very curious and mischievous kitten! On her first evening home, she explored and was quite comfortable. However, Tinkerbell didn’t venture out from her carrier for a few hours and preferred the quiet.

  • Make sure you can allocate time to your new addition.

Kittens are essentially babies with more capability. Don’t leave your cat alone for too long and give plenty of attention. Luna will have bursts of energy and then will take a nap, so keep them entertained with these moments of playtime!

When it’s bedtime, the first few nights we would hear Luna meow and cry. Putting a hot water bottle underneath their bed is a good way to give the kitten warmth and will calm them down for the night.

pocket catto
nap time


If in doubt, get a cardboard box… it will keep them entertained for hours.

@Lifeoflunacat (Yes, I made my cat an Instagram)

Hope you enjoyed this post.

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