Fast vs Slow Fashion

A brand new Primark has opened in Birmingham, the largest store in the world. Reading through the quotes from news outlets really made me think. I saw one that said, “I love Primark, it’s disposable fashion.” Another said: “It’s great to get clothes for a night out and just throw them away afterward.”

There’s a small amount of the population that have this mindset, personally, I shop at Primark and sometimes there are items that fall apart after 10-15 wears but I try to get the most use out of the item as I possibly can. They’ve improved in recent years and I try to check the label to look where my clothing items have come from.

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I am becoming more mindful of where I buy my clothes and I am often opting for second-hand shops rather than high-street stores. This is for a variety of reasons, it’s cheaper, it goes to a good cause and you can often find some really good buys.

The debate of fast vs slow fashion is becoming more of a trending topic as the environmental impact of fast fashion is becoming more recognized.

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Slow fashion isn’t just shopping second hand, it’s brands and retailers taking more consideration of their production, the way they source materials and the work that goes into making a garment.

“The fashion industry alone is responsible for the forced employment of more than 250 million children around the world, between the ages of 5 to 14, around 90% of which are girls and all of which are subjected to inhumane working conditions. Up to 50 million animals are killed each year in support of the industry in order to garner raw material for the production of goods like leather shoes and fur coats.” – UpFuse

These statistics from UpFuse are scary and it’s worrying to think that children are working under such conditions. Companies such as H&M are becoming more open about their suppliers and where the clothes that we buy come, their conscious range is an attempt at showing that they recognise the problem and they are providing sustainable but stylish fashion.

It’s important to consider where we are sourcing our clothing from, fast fashion may be cheaper, convenient but I think we should all try to be more considerate about how our clothes are sourced.

What are your opinions? Comment below!

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