A Chat with Emma Warren Design

I first came across Emma Warren Designs when I discovered her beautiful embroidered creations on Instagram. I was instantly drawn to the bee themed pieces! In this post, I speak to Emma about what it is like running an independent business and find a bit more about her.

She creates everything in-house and offers embroidered clothing, accessories and even her latest book, which I ask her about a bit later in this post.

Source: Instagram @emmawarrendesign

Q: You have inspired lots of people, including myself to start customising their clothes! What inspired you to start your embroidery journey?

A: That’s lovely! I don’t think I was even aware about embroidery until I did my art foundation year before university where we were able to experiment with lots of different techniques! 

I had no business knowledge what so ever so it wasn’t something I ever really thought was an option for me, my business started off as a hobby that just kind of evolved into a job, thankfully a job I love! 

Q: Your book is out! How did you find the process of putting the book together? Is this something you have always wanted to do?

A: Its crazy! Again something I never even thought would be an option for me, the Editor for the book had been following me on Instagram for two years without me even knowing – she put the idea of the book to the publishing company and then contacted me to see if it was something I would like to do. Its crazy the opportunities that can come from social media.

The process was so quick! I had seven weeks to complete 20 projects with instructions then headed to London for a three day shoot. I still cannot believe I have a book out!

You can purchase Emma’s book on Amazon here.

Source: Instagram @emmawarrendesign

Q: Do you think that people customising their clothing will reduce the number of purchases in fast fashion? 

A: I think It is important to reduce mass spending and if there is a garment in your wardrobe you love but maybe have become a little bored of it, customising with embroidery could be a way of giving the item a new lease of life. But people shouldn’t feel bad for treating themselves to something new now and again or something they love – its all about moderation.

Q: Your creations are all so different and lovely! Where do you find inspiration?

A: I can be inspired by just about anything but most of my designs are actually inspired by my old sticker books and teenage diaries! Who would have thought that 13 year old Emma could be inspiring 30 year old Emma!!

Source: Instagram @emmawarrendesign
Emma’s adorable dog Bea!

Q: Often in your Instagram videos of you working alone. How do you find working at your home office? Are there any positive/negative impacts on working in this way?

A: I have worked from home for the past five years but only when we moved house last year was I able to have a separate studio built in the garden, this helps to separate work and home life which is something I have struggled with.

I work by myself two or three days a week, I actually hired my first member of staff a couple of months ago to help with the embroidery! It’s nice having someone to work with for 2-3 days of the week – plus it gives Bea, my dog a break from me constantly chatting to her!

I really hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what you think in the comments below?

You can visit Emma’s website here

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