A Chat with Love Not Hate Illustrations

Libby Mae Ford, otherwise known as @lovenothateillustrations started her illustration Instagram in the hopes to raise awareness surrounding mental health and with her main mission in mind. spreading love. 


I spoke with her about her illustrations and her beautiful creations as well as got my hands on some of her goodies from her latest product release which I will be reviewing in a separate post!

Q: What inspired you to start creating the illustrations?

A: I met up with one of my Twitter followers around a year ago now and they said I should use my talent and voice to help others on the platforms I have. It was encouraging and I thought about it but then I became quite unwell and it went to the back of my head.

I was admitted to a psychiatric ward back in February this year for four weeks and whilst there one of the occupation therapy activities was art. It inspired me and I started to draw more. I bought a cheap stylus from amazon and downloaded Adobe draw and began to draw as a way of venting my feelings. I posted a few of them online and people responded well to them, so in March I placed an order for badges with my designs on and that’s how it started.

Your new products have launched! Tell me a bit about them?

There is such a large variety of products on my Etsy now which is very exciting. I have gone from five products to thirty-seven. I wanted to create products that would inspire others.

I want my products to help people on a bad day and to remind them they’re not alone, or that they are good enough, or that they are loved.

The main theme of my product launch is mental health awareness, with a lot of pieces spreading love and positivity. There are also a couple of LGBTQ+ products and a sneaky cat mum and dog mum badge thrown into the mix!

Many of your posts are mental health-themed, how much of your own mental health experiences inspire you to make these creations?

Quite a lot of my illustrations are fuelled by my own experiences. If I’m having a bad day or something has upset me, I will turn my emotions into art and create something that can help others. Often I see something judgemental online and I’ll pick up my iPad and stylus and create something to counteract that negativity.

What are some of your favourite illustrations?

That’s a hard one. I love the ‘love yourself’ print. It’s actually my wallpaper on my iPad! It’s so important to find self love and sometimes we just need a little reminding.

One of my favourite products from the product launch is the Colour Yourself Calm adult colouring book. It is small, at only 7 pages, however I love the designs and fingers crossed in the future I will bring out a 38 page colouring book.

Do you think they are helping people?

I do yes. Some days I feel disheartened because the engagement to follower ratio is quite low, but then I’ll get a message to thank me for the work I do and it makes everything worth while.

There are times when I think this is all too much, running my own business and spending so much time designing new illustrations for Instagram almost daily, but those messages of thanks from people are the reason I do this and they keep my going on bad days.

I really hope you enjoyed this post. I will be including Libby’s latest product release in a separate post where I will show you all the lovely goodies she sent me!

Visit LoveNotHateIllustrations on Etsy here!

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