Rabot 1745

Rabot 1745 is the exciting new range of beauty products created by Hotel Chocolat using sustainable sourced ingredients from their Saint Lucian plantation. They kindly sent me two products from their range, which is all affordably priced under £20, everyone knows I love to have a pamper session and a bath so I was really excited to try these!

“We are now at the forefront of sustainable cocoa farming and developed our award-winning Hotel Chocolat range with this philosophy in mind. Rabot 1745 is our beauty range, inspired by our love for Saint Lucia, the people and the plants that flourish there.” – Hotel Chocolat

The products Rabot1745 kindly #gifted

The collection of products has everything you could want. Shower gels, body butter, hand wash, body scrub and even a reed diffuser!

The two products I tried were the Cacao & Almond Bath and Body Oil and the Avocado & Lime Smile Reviver. You can use the oil in two different ways, you can either pop a few drops into your bath or use it as a body oil on dry skin. I prefer to use it in the bath as it smells gorgeous and leaves your skin feeling really soft! It’s really hydrating and doesn’t leave that oily residue you can sometimes get with similar products. I didn’t use it as a body oil but that’s just personal preference but it would definitely be good for those with really dry skin.

The smile reviver is a lip scrub, but not as you would imagine your usual lip scrub to be… Many that I have tried in the past have been sugar based and overall quite drying, this one includes nourishing avocado oil and is really gentle on the lips. Somehow it hydrates and removes any dead skin!

It includes omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin A, D and E and the little bamboo pot can be reused once you have finished it!

I really loved both of these products and I would love to try some more from the range. I might have to give the coffee body scrub a try! Rabot 1745 have really focused on sustainability throughout the range, right from sourcing the ingredients, to the packaging and the discarding at the end of the product’s life. It’s really great to see a brand adopting this mindset and being more aware of how their products are produced.

Have you ever tried the range? Let me know!

Hope you enjoyed this post.

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