National Eczema Week

This week is National Eczema Week (14th – 22nd September 2019), according to the National Eczema Society, Eczema affects every 1 in 12 adults – it is hugely common, with millions of adults struggling daily the skin condition. This years theme is surrounding confidence and encouraging people with eczema to feel more confident and to ask for medical care where it is needed.

“National Eczema Society wants everyone living with eczema to feel confident they are managing their eczema well, especially parents of children with the condition. This also means having the confidence to ask for the right medical care when you need it.”

National Eczema Society

I have always had mild eczema when I was young, however, recently in my adult life I have found it coming back more often and becoming more of an irritant in my life! My hands, face and neck are the places I tend to experience it and it can be super itchy and uncomfortable. We’re approaching the winter months now and this is usually when I tend to experience it more, so looking after your skin throughout winter is really important.

I was kindly gifted Cuticura’s Mildly Medicated Dry Skin Cream and I have been using it frequently for a few weeks and I’m really pleased with the results I have seen.

I mostly get dry patches on my face, hands and arms which is quite difficult to find a cream which works for sensitive areas, especially around my eyelids. It really soothes and helps with the dryness, I didn’t see any visible results until around 4 days into using it but it did eventually start clearing up and felt much better overall.

It has quite a thick consistency but doesn’t feel heavy when you apply it on the skin, I find with lots of these types of creams they can be too thick and my skin doesn’t take to it very well (especially with acne) so I was really pleased with this. It has a ‘triple action complex’ which aims to soothe, hydrate and restore problem, dry skin.

It includes two main components:

  • Zinc Oxide: best known for it’s anti-bacterial qualities which helps to soothe the dry skin and allow it to restore back to its original state – works to soothe and calm discomfort, and helps to prevent very dry skin
  • Hydroviton 24 is an advanced 24hr moisturising complex which is proven to double the moisturising benefit; to help skin retain its moisture as well as boosting hydration to combat dry, irritated skin.

I would really recommend it to anyone that might experience eczema, it’s available to buy in-store and online across Superdrug Stores – 50ml RRP. £5.99 and 200ml £9.99.

I hope you enjoyed this post

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