Today is World Mental Health Day and I wanted to write a blog post about the CALMtown initiative, set up by the former mayor, Tim Drye, pub landlord Phil Pope and Methodist minister Matt Finch.

The ‘campaign against living miserably’ campaign aims to address all aspects of mental health and well-being and I first came across it on Facebook where there was a ‘Calm Walk’ advertised and I decided to go along and see what it was about.

I wasn’t in a very good place mentally when I went to the first walk, Nicola, one of the organisers was very welcoming and introduced me to a few people. It was really nice to feel so welcomed and just those small interactions with others at the time meant a lot to me. I had just moved to the area and I was feeling incredibly lonely, so spending a Sunday morning talking to new people and getting out in the fresh air was really good for me.

Nicola Guitart – “There are too many people suffering with depression, anxiety, eating disorders and other mental health issues and there aren’t the resources to help. As a community we’ve pledged to become more educated and more awake. CALMtown has made it OK to talk about our mental health issues and we recognise that “it’s OK to not be OK”. Let’s help each other, let’s build a sense of community back into our lives and let’s look out for one another.”

Since that first walk, I have tried to get more involved in the campaign and I have helped plan the next walk, taking place on the 20th October, 2019. If you are free and in the local area, come along, it might just make you feel that bit better and introduce you to some new people who are all invested in campaigning against living miserably.

Drop me a message or visit the event page here.

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