Stop Using Self Care To Sell Me Stuff

If I see another advertisement of a candle with the caption ‘self care essential’ I am going to lose my sh*t.

Self-care can be key when it comes to improving mental health and getting through those stressful times and it appears in many different ways. It has been something that has gained more and more traction lately, it has unfortunately become a bit of a bandwagon for companies to jump on, in an attempt to sell you things.

I don’t believe that there is a right or wrong way to self care, don’t get me wrong, it’s different for each individual, hence the ‘self’ part of the word. For some it might be having a bath, lighting some candles and purchasing a new set of pyjamas. For others, it might be brushing their hair for the first time in a week or bringing yourself to go outside for some fresh air. It can be an enjoyable or painful necessity, depending on your needs.

What I am becoming increasingly tired of is the use of self-care by companies and marketers trying to sell products under the ‘self-care’ umbrella. If you scroll down the #selfcare hashtag on Instagram, it’s filled with many positive and meaningful posts – with the sponsored company posts squeezed in throughout, desperate to sell you something to convince you that you need the product to achieve your ‘ultimate self care evening’.

It’s a smart move. It’s one of the most popular terms floating around socials at the moment and it is becoming more spoken about with people sharing those down moments, which was rarely seen before.

By labelling products as ‘essentials’ for self care, you are advertising to a potentially vulnerable person that they need to purchase items to convince them that they are taking steps to feel better.

If I purchase this £30 face mask and £25 bath oil, will I be cured?

It’s absolutely fine to do this if that’s what you feel like you need at the time. It’s just unfair of brands to sell you things in this way.

Some mental illnesses, such as Borderline Personality Disorder has symptoms such as impulsive spending, if you are feeling in a particularly bad place, you may be more inclined to purchase such products with the hope to feel a little better.

I am all for looking after yourself becoming more of a leading topic and we should be speaking out about how we feel and I love hearing tips of how people make themselves feel better.

Have you seen brands advertising products this way? Let me know what you think in the comments or tweet me @jasminzenobia

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