Hello December

December has come around so quickly and soon it will be Christmas and onto 2020. I am one day late to the party but I am going to try and partake in blogmas this year, maybe not every day but I will certainly try to post as frequently as I can. 

What is Blogmas? Blogmas is essentially creating daily content running up until Christmas Day. The majority of posts are festive themed, however, I am going to treat it like a bit of a challenge to get some content up towards the end of this year. This is my favourite time of year and with my Birthday in a couple of weeks, I’m hoping to have some interesting content to share!

Today I am sharing the top 10 things I love about the festive season:

  1. Cold weather. I am one of those people that absolutely cannot stand the heat so I am all for the chilly, frosty weather.
  2. Fluffy festive pj’s. There is nothing better than getting in from a long day and getting into your festive pyjamas.
  3. The old movies, on repeat. When else would you watch Harry Potter several times? It’s constantly on TV.
  4. Cheeseboards become easily accessible, guaranteed to be stocked in December.
  5. Christmas markets are one of the best activities and I love everything about them! Minus how busy they get…
  6. Gifting, I love buying presents and wrapping and the entire process of giving a gift to someone special.
  7. Food. Mince pies, Christmas pudding, snacks (not Twiglets though).
  8. Everything looks prettier with fairy lights.
  9. You get to catch up with friends and family and make plans to see people you care about.
  10. A little break to rest.

Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what your favourite things are!

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