The Conspiracy Palette

The Conspiracy palette was launched on the 1st November, so this post might seemingly be a little outdated. However, I wanted to have the time to play with the palette and really give my thoughts. If like me, you were absolutely gripped to every episode of ‘The Beautiful Life of Jeffree Star’ on Shane Dawson’s YouTube channel, you will know that the release of the Conspiracy Collection was one of the most built up makeup releases, at least in my lifetime anyway.

The documentary showed the making of the collection, from conception to post-release, it was a really interesting watch and revealed beauty secrets that we were all dying for and also showed how makeup is produced, which I found really interesting. It was safe to say, as I was watching I was truly invested in the success of the pair as well as the product release.

I was ready, on Beauty Bay at the time of release. I could not get onto the website. Beauty Bay was down, Jeffree Star was down and every other retailers stocking the products. They broke the internet.

The extreme amount of traffic made the main server Shopify completely broken so I gave up after around two hours feeling defeated. I thought I’d check it on a whim after a couple of more hours, somehow I had managed to check just at the right time and purchase the palette and the mirror, before it sold out within minutes.

The Conspiracy collection includes an 18-pan Conspiracy palette, 9-pan Mini Controversy palette, 6 liquid lipsticks, 1 clear lipgloss, 2 pig mirrors, 4 makeup bags, 2 pig handbags and 1 Jeffree x Shane tracksuit.

The main palette was what I really wanted. I haven’t got anything like it in my collection and I thought it would give me an opportunity to try some new colours as well as have some for some everyday looks.

The formula is the same as other Jeffree Star eye shadow palettes, it is one I love and I used my Jaw Breaker palette for comparison and the feel and pigment of the colours were pretty much the same.

What really attracted me to it was first of all the unique packaging, the shade names and the range of colours. I’m not sure how I will use ‘food videos’ and ‘Trisha’ yet but I’m sure some YouTube tutorials will help me explore and try out some new looks!

Is it worth the price? The total cost of the palette was £48.00 which isn’t bad for the size and in comparison to other Jeffree Star palettes. They haven’t increased the price for it being a collaboration either. It is a premium price for makeup (in my opinion), maybe you could consider it mid-range if you are purchasing products from more premium brands. I would say that it is worth the price, the packaging is exceptional and it is not like any other palette you can pick up on the high street.

Did you manage to bag something from the collection? Let me know!

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