Homemade Gifting

For Christmas this year, I decided to attempt to create some homemade gifts to give. I did this for a few reasons, it’s a thoughtful gift, cheaper and produces less waste, so it’s a little bit better for the environment.

I tried two different things, bath salts and melt and pour soup making. I thought I would write a short post about how I made the soaps, as I have had a few people request this via social media.

(wine optional)

I bought one tub of Melt & Pour crystal base, some essential oil, almond oil and silicone moulds. The moulds are actually for baking, but they work fine for this purpose too!

After cutting up the soap, I melted down the soap in double-boiler fashion, with the cut up soap in a Pyrex dish and boiling water heating it up underneath.

After the soap has melted completely, you can add in your ingredients, there are lots of different recipes on Pinterest that you could use, I decided to go for lavender, as I have it already and I love the smell. I also added in some dried lavender, that I had picked earlier on in the summer.

This sounds really easy, but did take me several attempts. The first time I heated up the soap too much and it went all lumpy!

After pouring into the moulds, allow it to cool naturally. Pop them out and there you have it, cute soaps to gift to your friends and family!

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