Mindfulness for Mental Health

Mindfulness is something I have been practising in my daily life for around a year now. It’s all about being present in the moment, using techniques such as meditation, breathing exercises to become aware of our feelings but also get our minds to switch off when things are getting too much.

At the start of my mindfulness journey, it was something I used as a coping technique. If something goes wrong, I would do some mindfulness, sometimes a Head Space 10 minute guided meditation, it is a really helpful app to get into the habit of being mindful.

I have found, if you get into a habit of doing a little bit of mindfulness each day, it can really help with your mental health and I now feel calmer overall.

Headspace also offer ’emergency’ guided meditations, so if you find yourself feeling in a panic as such, you can put your headphones in and do some mindfulness for 3-5 minutes.

I wanted to share some of the techniques I have learnt throughout my mindfulness and DBT journey. They are fairly simple and things you can include in your daily routine.

Take a moment as soon as you wake up. This is something that takes less than 10 minutes, I try to just take a moment to focus on my breathe and set my intentions for the day, I find that just taking this moment sets me up on good stead, if I wake up late, which happens! I never feel as good in the day, if I haven’t made time to just start the day right.

Turn off auto-pilot. A lot of our daily activities we just do without really thinking much of them. When you do something, pay more attention to it. For example, getting a cup of tea… when you drink it, take some time to feel the warmth, focus on the taste and that moment. Just doing this can take us out of our current situation and appreciate the moment.

Observe thoughts and emotions. I usually journal daily, this is one way I observe my thoughts and emotions. Being mindful of how we feel and checking in with ourselves is really helpful and healthy for our mental well being. It can help when we may be feeling overwhelmed, as just focusing on our feelings can help bring our emotions down a little.

Do you practice mindfulness? Comment below any tips!

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